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Love Coffee Training Program Elements

Love Coffee/Love My Job Training Center Program

~ ~ ~ A Path to Purpose ~ ~ ~

Supported Employment Coffee Kiosk Partnerships with Host Organizations


Early Identification, (Camacho Coffee/Hickman HS): Develop early relationships with program participants while still in high school through a Work Experience Class partnership. (Fall & Spring semesters 2022/3)

o Student Work Blocks assist in retail coffee packaging, 1.25hr blocks once weekly

o Love Coffee program representative serves as Camacho’s QC supervisor

o Student progress assessed and tracked throughout semester

o Students indicating interest in coffee shop employment identified, recruited

Initial Transition, (Love Coffee Cafe): Create work experience opportunities in the marketplace through a structured, market facing cafe.

o 3-12 month paid employment at Love Coffee (mission motivated customer base)

o Training and evaluation provided by Love Coffee trainer and café staff

o Soft and hard skills training, assessment, progress tracking

Secondary Transition (Kiosk Cafe) Active Workforce Inclusion

Kiosk Partnership/Columbia Orthopedic Group: November 2023

Continue confidence and efficiency training and experience, faster-paced work environment.

o Graduation from Initial Transition required

o 3-12 month paid employment in COG kiosk (proximity motivated customer base)

o Training and evaluation provided by Love Coffee kiosk staff

o Host organization Volunteer Advocate relationships develop (CASA model)


Permanent Placement (General Marketplace/Columbia businesses): Love Coffee program staff assist job search, placement, and support in Competitive Integrate

d Employment.

o Graduation from Secondary Transition required

o Love Coffee Community Liaison assists employer relations, job search & placement

o Community Liaison monitors progress with Employer & Volunteer Advocate

o Volunteer Advocate relationship continues informally.

Proposed Programs require building a formal training program and obtaining CARF certification. Love Coffee is working with Mark Palmer, former ED of Woodhaven and CARF Surveyor, to begin this process. Love Coffee hopes to gain accreditation, funding and hire a Program Director in late 2024 or 2025. This is the current strategic objective needed to establish institutional credibility and faithfully fulfill Love Coffee’s mission.

Love Coffee is a service of the Love My Job Training Center a MO 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit

Job skills training and employment, in an atmosphere of love,

for persons with disabilities and barriers to employment.

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