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Why Your Partnership is so Important

A Vision of Inclusion and Community

Love Coffee is passionate about creating a Path to Purpose for persons with varying abilities to enjoy meaningful work and contribute to the great community we call Columbia. Love Coffee is embarked on a journey to build cafe outlets, integrated into high traffic businesses, where those entering the workforce can develop social capital (friends), build confidence, and enjoy the community and excitement of a thriving work environment. 

We are also passionate about building a brand that envisions and empowers this goal: Love Coffee!  Thanks to YOU Columbia, Love Coffee was voted "Best Coffee Shop in Columbia" this year according to Inside Columbia Magazine. 


But building this vision takes the help of everyone who believes in the concept. The reality is that current operations contribute less that half of the resources needed to operate our cafes and training function. Our goal is for revenue from cafe operations to cover all of our overhead and staffing costs providing a strong platform to build a unique training program on, a program that integrates wrap-around training into the business environment.  You can read more about our 4 step program here. We are in the middle of a significant institutional construction project to see this vision become reality. 


To date Love Coffee remains viable through the support of our two anchor benefactors, Veteran's United Foundation and Tiger Hotel/Glenn's Cafe/Camacho Coffee (Glyn Laverick). Columbia Orthopedic Group is emerging as another anchor supporter, providing space and customers for Love Coffee services in their Surgery Center on Keene Street. Local foundations A.P. Green, Boone County Community Trust, Heinkel Foundation, Stafford Foundation, Boone Electric Community Trust, Tigers on the Prowl, and COMO Gives, have all provided equipment to support Love Coffee's mission.


Here's where your support comes in, these grants are provided for capital expenses and do not cover operations like program development and management, project management, participant support, and event rent and utilities.  Love Coffee hopes to gain accreditation to begin contracting with Vocational Rehabilitation to help cover our training program costs but we still have much to do in that effort. In the meantime we are developing our cafe to profitability and need your help to get us there.

Please consider a monthly gift to help make Love Coffee's Path to Purpose a reality and  asset to the place we all love, COLUMBIA!

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