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Meet Our Management Team

Kym Headshot.jpg
Kym Hewett
General Manager

Kym has been with Love Coffee since December 2023. She brings years of experience in the restaurant industry and human resources. Outside of work, Kym enjoys spending time with her pets and friends. 

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Karen Morgan
Trainer / Community Relations

Karen Morgan is a retired Special Education teacher of over 30 years, teaching life / job skills. Her passion has been to help students learn to believe in themselves and their abilities so that they can be successful transitioning into the marketplace after graduating from high school. Karen has been married to Mark for 40 years, has two grown children and 3 grandsons. She enjoys singing, painting nails at the nursing home, "hunting for treasures" at thrift stores and helping others reach their fullest potential. 

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Katie Beth Scott Business Loop 

Katie Beth moved to Columbia in July 2023 after graduating from Union University in Jackson, TN. Her husband was born and raised in Boone County; now he attends University of Missouri as a medical student. Katie Beth’s passion for coffee developed in college where she worked at a specialty coffee shop for two years. Her favorite part of that job was training new baristas, a skill that she has pursued postgrad through working at Love Coffee. Between Katie Beth’s work at Love Coffee and Ben’s studies at Mizzou, they enjoy baking together, reading books, and exploring the wonderful trail system around Columbia.

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